About Oelean

As Agile Organizations, Agile Leaders, teams and team members, we must constantly question what could be better in order to continually improve our way of working.  Agile is all about adapting to change; it was built on the foundational principle  that business drivers will change and the development teams must be ready to adapt. Agile practices focus on giving teams and individuals ownership of their work and accountability to the team and organization, so that you can care to make things better.

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The Agile Booklet is the first from a series of booklets that provides the explanation of different concepts related to Agile, Scrum, Kanban, Team Dynamics and others tools.

It is divided as a set of cards, each card will explain a different concept. These cards are not necessarily related to each other, it doesn’t follow a sequence, but it is a help if you want to learn more about a certain topic.